FC2 PPV 4472628 – First shoot and face to face! 3 days only! The girl of the moment, a little cheeky and cute, living freely and uninhibitedly in the present day! She’s so hot that her face is all smashed up and she’s shedding tears, and

FC2 PPV 4472628 – 初撮影・顔出し! 3日間限定!自由奔放に今を生きるちょっぴり小生意気で可愛い今時のThe 女 ◯ ◯ せい!!顔をグシャグシャにし涙を流す程に感じるその姿に背徳感を感じながらも2回生中出し!!
学 校 の 教諭 や 保 護 者といる時は頗るいいこちゃんを演じる事が上手な彼女。
僕の美容室に 保 護 者と一緒に来た時もそうだった。
大人しそうで従順な女の こ の印象が強かったが、後日1人出来た時の変貌ぶりにビックリ。
まさに自由奔放に今を生きるちょっぴり小生意気で可愛い今時のThe 女 ◯ ◯ せい!!といった感じ。


ある日歩くのめんどくさくなったのか、見え見えの嘘をついて僕を 学 校 まで迎えに来させる彼女。
学 校 まで行くと初めて見る せい 服 姿 に胸キュンしてしまった。


やっぱりいいよなぁ〜 せい 服 姿って。
しかも 放 課 後 に自分の車に乗せてしまうとよからぬことしか考えられなくなってしまう。


嫌がられるだろうけどこの手のタイプの女の こ は 保 護 者 に絶対に言ったりしないと確信していた僕は彼女を連れ込み猥 褻な行為に及んだ。


せい 服 を脱がし身体を弄るといやらしい匂いが漂ってくる。



When she is with her school teachers or parents, she is very good at playing the role of a very nice girl.
It was the same when she came to my hairdresser’s with her parents.
I had a strong impression of her as a quiet and obedient woman, but I was surprised at her transformation when she was alone at a later date.
She is exactly the kind of free-spirited, slightly cheeky and cute girl of today who lives in the present! I was like that.

Well, it might be the same for anyone in that age group, but in her case, the gap between being a good girl and being a good girl was so big that it was very similar to my old days.
Maybe because of that, we got on well and she became a bit like a cheeky young lady.

One day, she got tired of walking and made me come to school to pick her up with a blatant lie.
It was my day off from work, so I picked her up.
When I got to the school, I saw her in her school clothes for the first time and my heart was filled with excitement.

I actually came to pick her up because I wanted to see that.

I think it’s really nice to see her in her school uniform.
The first time I went to the school, I was so excited to see her in her school uniform that I actually came to pick her up to see her.

The most important thing to remember is that you can’t just take your eyes off of the road and let it take you there.
The skirt and pigtails fluttering in the wind excited me a lot.
When I lightly touch her breasts with my Jordan, she gets really angry.
The expression on her face is also cute.

After we had been walking together for a while, a multipurpose toilet caught my eye over there.
I was convinced that this type of girl would never tell her parents, even though they might not like it, so I took her in and started indecent assault.

She hesitated when I exposed her bulging genitals.
I could not resist the look of disgust on her face.
When I put her genitals in my mouth, I lick them with an awkward hand.
I felt like I was doing something bad and it felt so good.

I took off her clothes and played with her body, and a disgusting smell was wafting through the air.
I couldn’t resist inserting myself into her.
The tight and warm vagina tightens me and gives me pleasure.

She begins to weep as I move my hips selflessly.
I was a little impatient, but she seemed to be feeling pleasure.
I was even more aroused by her appearance and ejaculated inside her, although I did not intend to do so.

And I saw my fluid flow out from between her legs as if I had been forced to do something, I took her back to the hotel again and we got into the act.
FC2 PPV 4472628